International E-Commerce Consulting
My name is Stefan Quisdorf, and I am a committed e-commerce consultant. I am a firm believer that being a successful entrepreneur means continually breaking new ground and treading new paths. I support my clients in reorganisation projects, advise them in relaunches and systematically seek out untapped potential. I also offer assistance in practical implementation!

Benefit from 30 years’ cumulative e-commerce expertise! Guaranteed increased sales sand reduced costs. My goal? To turn you and your company into happy return customers.

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Who is Stefan Quisdorf?

The facts:

  • Born in 1972
  • 30 years of experience in e-business
  • Serial entrepreneur in the IT and real estate sector
  • Agency Director at TIKAL Communication

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My Values

  1. Cooperation
    I am a doer, coach and your dedicated sparring partner - big changes require a collective effort.
  2. Reliability and responsibility
    I ensure long-term, responsible and sustainable business.
  3. Innovation
    Success in the e-commerce business comes down to identifying the latest trends and ideas as and when they emerge – something I excell in.

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How you can benefit from me

Cross-sectoral knowledge:
As a genuine all-rounder and entrepreneur I am familiar with all aspects of your e-commerce system. I see the bigger the picture, rather than getting lost in the detail.

Practical relevance:
I prefer to do rather than talk. You will not hear the words “could”, “must”, “should” from me.

My network:
Don’t just use my expertise, use my partners too. My experts can be your experts.

International know-how:
I have international experience in e-commerce business in the following markets: Europe, China, North and South America, South Africa. You can benefit from this experience too! Request your free consultation now

How I support my customers

E-commerce set-up:
Not online yet – but want to be? I can help you to set the right course right from the outset.

Sounding out potential and scaling sales:
Already an e-commerce retailer, but get the feeling you are being left behind? Together we can change that!

Conversion rate optimisation:
Want to turn more website visitors into customers? I improve content, optimise UX and create trust.

Cost and process optimisation:
Want to keep your e-commerce system lean and agile? I can guarantee efficiency and optimise processes. Request your free consultation now

Fit for the future

I won’t stop at boosting your sales – I pride myself in future-proofing your company too!

Trends that I keep an eye on, so you don’t have to:

Omni-channel marketing:
In future e-commerce ecosystems will have to offer the parallel use of a number of different sales channels. I can ensure that you are perfectly positioned!

Discovery Commerce and Live Shopping:
It's important that you don't wait for people to search for your products and services. Where previously offline browsing and impulse purchases were made, this is increasingly being found online, currently also being driven by the corona pandemic.

Purchase decisions are not rational, but emotional. My content specialists know how to trigger these emotions for you – and boost customer sales.

AI & cognitive computing:
Artificial intelligence is set to change the user experience: Voice control, 3D visualisation, AI-assisted support – all of this is on the way. I can help prepare you for this now! Request your free consultation now

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